Bedford Embraces Diversity


April 2020 – Our Statement in Response to Outrageous Hateful Graffiti

The challenges presented by the worldwide pandemic are bringing out the best in people, and Bedford is no exception. Ordinary residents are stepping up, navigating the limits imposed by the virus, and finding creative ways to help those in need – health care professionals and support staff, neighbors who are isolated, anxious or elderly, and local first-responders. 

In that context, it is especially infuriating to learn of hateful graffiti discovered last week on two buildings on the eastern side of the town and at Shawsheen Cemetary. Let’s be clear: the swastikas and Hitler references not only symbolize hate, they represent the methodical destruction of millions of human beings and entire cultures less than two generations ago. They represent beliefs and policies that spit in the face of all the inspiring efforts to do good that we see around us. 

Bedford Embraces Diversity, whose roots can be traced to a similar episode in 2013, condemns these acts in the strongest possible terms, and looks forward to the apprehension of the perpetrators. Bedford Embraces Diversity, whose hundreds of constituents transcend age, race, gender, sexual orientation and economic status, will continue to combat the ravages of racism at the grass-roots level, and we invite you to join us in the struggle.  If you see something disturbing or unacceptable, speak up.  Bring attention to it. Together we will continue to build a Bedford that is an example for all.

Our Mission Statement

  • Educate the community about the diverse cultural, religious, racial, and gender groups that make up Bedford’s population.
  • Take actions showing that Bedford stands on the side of respecting all individuals and not on the side of bullying, hate, or violence.
  • Celebrate the wonderful benefits of living in a community like Bedford that is so rich in diversity.